The name of my shop and blog is taken from a line in the song Sawdust and Diamonds by Joanna Newsom. She sings about "a little white dove made with love; made with glue, a glove and some plyers". Having always produced things for the love of making them, I felt an affinity with the unnamed protagonist who made that little white dove. 

I am a self-taught diy craftswoman from the Midwest of the US currently living in the East End of London. I never could narrow down what kind of art I wanted to make, which is why I never went to art school. Instead, I decided I could teach myself to do lots of different creative processes and enjoy the freedom it gives me to explore new things all the time. 

For my print based work, I combine radical and oral history as well as social justice issues with illustration and design. I spent years working on a long-term oral history zine project with my family to uncover the life of my uncle who died when I was a teenager. 

I make functional pottery that incorporates various foraged materials, from volcanic Icelandic sand to clays that I dig myself. I see these vessels as a physical record of my travels - or just restorative day trips from London - with each pot having its own unique story to tell.

I'm also a trained joiner and am loving working with wood, a new medium for me. I use the offcuts to create lids and trays for my pottery. You can hire me to do commissioned joinery too! You can read more about most of the work I do on my blog and find out about upcoming work or events on facebook.