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Bioluminescence is the coolest natural phenomenon and although it is rare in us surface dwellers, it's very much the norm in the deep ocean. Shallow small talk is the worst and one of the reasons I dislike parties/large gatherings and meeting people in that context. Lately I've had a few great conversations with people I didn't know that well about things like what our dead grandparents meant to us, living with mental health issues and surviving sexual assault. These are the kinds of conversations that make other people uncomfortable but I love sharing how complex and messy we are as humans. That's what I can relate to. I couldn't care less how many pints someone drank over the weekend. So this is my ode to the beauty of both bioluminescence and real talk. Get deep! Learn to glow! Make your own light!

Opaque aqua blue ink on extra long black A3 paper to emphasise the depth. As with all lino prints each one is unique - but even more so with these since the jellyfish and words are on two different pieces of lino. Very limited print run. Carefully shipped in a protective poster tube.