Swords into plowshares

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This is a dibber - for planting seeds and bulbs - that has been hand turned on a lathe. It also happens to be made from a wooden post that was once holding up one of the most loathed symbols of gentrification; an estate agent sign. This is a new project called Swords into Plowshares.

Many people who rent in London would love the opportunity to grow their own vegetables, fruit, herbs or just some flowers. For most of them though, that feels impossible because of the insecurity they experience in their rented homes. The people at fault for this are not tenants, it is landlords and their parasitic estate agents who are in the business of raising rents as much as they can, as often as they can.

But these dibbers are not for sale. They are to trade with people who are willing to share their stories about being messed around by estate or letting agents. Maybe they stole your fees, or your deposit, or just engineered you out of your home because someone else was willing to pay more rent than you. Get in touch if you have a story to share in exchange for a little extra encouragement to grow something - even if you understandably decide to keep it in a pot.

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