Train journey teapot

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Last year, a friend introduced me to this amazing book that catalogues the beautiful and sustainable packaging most things in Japan were sold in before plastic came to dominate the entire world. It has been hugely influential and challenged me to think about new/old ways of living without plastic. One of the things that really blew me away was seeing that tea used to be sold in actual ceramic teapots for commuters at train stations. I mean, just wow! This little teapot is my take on that idea. It holds enough tea for one (about 550ml) and has a lovely steam bent walnut handle that feels great in the hand. I imagine that most people probably wouldn't want to carry a breakable teapot on their journey to work but you could always brew your tea in here at home and transfer it to your non-plastic travel mug.

Even if it never makes it on a train, there is another reason for the name. A friend of mine is working on a farm for the summer and is organising a free skill sharing event for women and non-binary folks. She asked me to come run a woodworking session and of course I agreed. The event is free and they don't even have any money to pay for anyone's transport so the sale of this teapot will cover my travel to and from Devon.

Height 110mm (190 with handle), width 125mm

*Only shipped within the UK. Please see FAQ page about collecting from my north London studio for free.