The name of my shop and blog is taken from a line in the song Sawdust and Diamonds by Joanna Newsom. She sings about "a little white dove made with love; made with glue, a glove and some plyers". Having always produced things for the love of making them, I felt an affinity with the unnamed protagonist who made that little white dove. 

I am a self-taught diy craftswoman from the Midwest of the US currently living in the East End of London. I never could narrow down what kind of art I wanted to make, which is why I never went to art school. Instead, I decided I could teach myself to do lots of different creative processes and enjoy the freedom it gives me to explore new things all the time.

I've been drawing since I was a child and my print based work most explicitly represents my politics. Uncovering hidden radical histories, challenging patriarchy or just rejoicing in the beauty of human connections and the natural world through zines and prints.

I've been making pottery since I was a teenager. I focus mostly on functional pottery inspired by the agricultural and industry decay I grew up around in the rust belt. 

I'm also a trained joiner and am loving working with wood, a relatively new medium for me. I use the offcuts to create handles and lids for my pottery. I also make furniture and am open to discussing commissions!

You can keep up to date with my work and any events I will be attending on facebook and instagram.