Handmade furniture


Handmade furniture

Air dried olive ash timber, dovetail construction throughout, four drawers, sliding door with textured, tinted glass panel and hand rolled bronze handle. 

From a sad carcass found on the street, I added three handmade dovetailed beech fronted drawers with poplar/oak sides, a reclaimed oak top with sapele butterfly joint and oak inlay and handmade zinc drawer pulls. 

Through mortise and tenon construction, two handmade dovetailed drawers, one with light box and the other with a sliding pen tray under which paper can be stored. 

Constructed with extra deep tenons for added strength and bed bolts for easy disassembling, angled metal design in headboard and single verticle metal bar in footboard, solid poplar bed slats. 

Antique wheeled wooden frame provided by client, two solid olive ash tops were made to sit perfectly inside. 

Set of three beech corner shelves made entirely of offcuts from the beech and metal bed, incresing shelf width towards top, housing joint batten wall attachment, corner butterfly joints and a through mortise and tenon towel rail.