Alerta - Reclaim the Hides zine issue 2

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Image of Alerta - Reclaim the Hides zine issue 2

A blackbirds' guide to direct action. This is an illustrated zine that looks at what blackbirds can teach us about every day direct action and taking back the concept of vigilance from reactionaries. 20 pages of original illustrations. Aside from some minor swearing, this is suitable for all ages to develop a deeper appreciation of one of our most common garden birds. Printed with black ink on bright yellow paper and hand folded/stapled to A6 landscape.

This is the second collaborative zine between Matthew See (words) and me (illustrations and design) that compliments Reclaim the Hides, a radical bird walk that Matthew developed and has been leading all over the UK for the past few years. If you are interested in him coming to your town or neighbourhood (also available for zine and book fairs), get in touch via the Reclaim the Hides facebook page. The first zine in the series is about long-tailed tits and mutual aid.