Together - Reclaim the Hides zine 1


Image of Together - Reclaim the Hides zine 1

A long-tailed tits' guide to mutual aid. This is a comic book/zine that explores what we big pathetic humans can learn from tiny badass birds about solidarity. It is 20 pages with multiple illustrations on every page and riso* printed in three colours throughout with a thick yellow cover.

This is a collaborative zine between Matthew See (words) and Lindsay Draws (illustrations) that compliments Reclaim the Hides, a radical bird walk that Matthew developed and has been leading all over the UK for the past two years. If you are interested in him coming to your town or neighbourhood, get in touch via the Reclaim the Hides facebook page. Issue 2 is about blackbirds and direct action.

Printed by Footprint Workers Co-op.

*Although riso printers are machines, they aren't perfect. Like screen printing, there can be minor misalignment between the two colours so each zine is different and unique